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Do you need some POW in your presentations?  We'll  thoroughly examine your entire Brand:  logo, packaging, products, displays, POP, POG, tradeshow booth, catalog, collaterals, PR, Ads, Web, Social Media and more to ensure you're firing on all cylinders for your industry.   We'll discuss ways to define, refine, and evolve your Brand to new heights.

+ Branding + Logos + Design + Packaging + Displays + POG's + Tradeshows +


Consulting +


Let's take the 50,000 foot view of your business and see that bigger picture.  Short Term and Long Range planning.

COGS, Expenses, Revenues, & Profits, with emphasis on the latter.  Motivation.  Employee issues. Banks. Funding.

We'll work together to ensure your success on various fronts.  We believe that consultants that advise you what to do with your company, should have the real life experience of knowing what to do for your company.  We have walked the walk.

+ 50,000 Foot View + Goals + Motivations + Issues + P&L + Planning +

Connecting +


So, you want a meeting with Walmart?  Done.  You want to find a great Rep Group in the Pacifc North West?  Done Again. You need a killer designer?  We know a few.  Distributor in New Zealand?  Check.  Our contacts of the past 25 years, become your current contacts.  We've been in your shoes, and learned from our own mistakes.  We save you time & energy and limit your headaches.   Let's get connected and turn up the volume in your business.

+ Industy-Wide Contacts + Invaluable Resource Lists + Effective & Efficient +

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